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Terri Reinhart spent 18 years teaching kindergarten at the Denver Waldorf School. She now enjoys spending time making brooms, felting, knitting, bookbinding, painting, and filling up the house with various craft supplies. She is probably the only woman who has ever asked her husband for 50 pounds of broomcorn for her birthday. She also enjoys writing because, as she says, “It helps me to process all the crazy wonderful things in life without screaming or hitting anything.”

Her husband, Chris, is very patient.


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Hello!  My website has been updated to the new version of Squarespace.  

Please visit us at www.studiofoxhoven.com!

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Welcome to Studio Foxhoven!


Thanks to Bob Grawi for allowing us to use his music!  


What you will find on our studio website:

Studio News

NEW BOOK!  Check it out!

Current art work for sale at The Gnome's Nook store in Denver, Colorado

Coming Events

How to schedule a workshop

Craft patterns:

Patterns for knitted squirrels, bats, owls, snails, needlefelt bunnies and penguins and other odds and ends.  Feel free to share patterns!

Kindergarten Journal:  

From my years as a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher.

Parkinson's/Dystonia Journal:  

These articles are my way of processing my journey and finding the humor in my everyday challenges. If you enjoy these articles, please share them with others! 

 Start with: Bumping into Life

Studio Photo Gallery:  

Open up an album and click on the first photo to start the slide show for that album.  Enjoy!

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