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Terri Reinhart spent 18 years teaching kindergarten at the Denver Waldorf School. She now enjoys spending time making brooms, felting, knitting, bookbinding, painting, and filling up the house with various craft supplies. She is probably the only woman who has ever asked her husband for 50 pounds of broomcorn for her birthday. She also enjoys writing because, as she says, “It helps me to process all the crazy wonderful things in life without screaming or hitting anything.”

Her husband, Chris, is very patient.


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Halfway there...

Day 9 – I have to admit, I haven’t had any headaches since going off of sugar.  Damn.

Day 10 – They finished the cheesecake, right in front of me.  I am a third of the way through this experiment and have decided that Andrea and I will have to reward ourselves for a job well done after the thirty days are over.  We’ll go for cheesecake. I thought I would look up and find where to get the best cheesecake in Denver.  After cruising through a few cheesecake sites that, oddly enough, had nothing to do with food, I finally landed at Vollmer’s Bakery in Denver.  They specialize in cheesecake – the food kind.  They had photos and descriptions of all their varieties.  One of their cheesecakes had Bailey’s Irish Cream in it.   Another new rule:  Do not look at dessert websites.

Day 11 – I learned that holding my grandson is the best way to take my mind off of dessert.  The diet program is beginning to affect my family.  They have noticed that there are no homemade chocolate chip cookies in the house.  If I’m going to suffer, they may as well suffer, too.  They’re not suffering enough, though; they’re eating ice cream…with chocolate sauce.

Day 12 – Chris asked me to cut his hair today, which means that he’ll be wearing a hat for the next six weeks.  I did well on the program today.  The cookies were tempting, even if they were store bought.  One wouldn’t hurt, would it?  I had a tiny bit of Bailey’s tonight but that was for medicinal purposes.  Chris will vouch for me.  If you ask him, speak up.  His hat covers his ears.

Day 13 – I have lost three pounds.  I am in danger of losing my cuddliness.  Today may be a challenge as I will be at my parents’ house.  They have Oreo cookies.  They also have blueberry pie, an odd assortment of leftover Halloween candy, and hard mints to suck on when you have a sore throat.  The last time I had lunch there, I found exactly three things that I could eat:  Velveeta cheese, potato chips, and water. 

Day 14 – Didn’t sleep well last night.  I realized that every time I craved sugar yesterday, I drank a cup of tea.  Most of it was caffeine free, but I was still up and down several times to the bathroom.  I don't do that when I eat chocolate ice cream with Bailey's on it.   

Day 15 – Half way there.  I should be celebrating, but I don't have much energy today.  Perhaps I don't have enough sugar in my system.  Giving up sugar is probably not at all healthy for me. 

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